Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Training Pause and Time to Reflect

Now that I've had a pause in my daily training its given me the ability to now pause and think about the next phase in our training.

In this instance we're looking to move away from "funtional training" to process based training.  Instead of showing our users how to do specific tasks we want to move onto a process - a flow - which will incorporate pieces of the how to training.  By grouping the functional training into a process training we hope to create the a-ha moments for our users.

Thos a-ha! moments are the ones where the users finally gets the light-bulb going off and things just seem to make sense.  Currently, with the functional based training, the A-HA!s seem to be missing.  Many users leave with the feeling that they were just shown something great but how is it relevant to what they do and how can they incorporate this into their day to day.

Now on to create some of those A-Ha!s and lets see how many of those a-has of my own will come about through the process.

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